SDGL/DIGF is always looking for people who want to help us in running our foundation. If you want to help us out in any way at any time? Please let us know!

Contact data DIGF management

Function Name Contact data
Chair: Yoni van Uden
Phone: +31 6-12881360
(from 7.00PM till 9.00PM) (GMT +1)
Conservation Officer: Evert Henningheim
Conservation Officer: Joey Markx
Financial Secretary: Hellie Klaasse
Phone: +31 23-5325431
(from 8.00PM till 10.00PM) (GMT +1)
Contributor Secretary: Roland Lingen

General information

Function Name Contact data
General information: Thilde Bloemendaal
Phone: +31 6-24202324 (GMT +1)

Contact data co-workers

Function Name Contact data
Editor Iguana Varia: Coordinator/Editor : Vacant
DTP/Printing: Richard Groenevelt Printservice Goes
Phone: +31 6-21877576 (GMT +1)
Website and Forum:  Webmaster / forum admin: Peter van Weeterloo & Paul Blok website or forum related problems)
Phone: +31 6-28528915 (Paul Blok)