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There seems reebok classic to be a lot of animosity toward ASICS, but not a lot of understanding of what the company does other than sell shoes let me start here biomechanics, either for the better or the worse (or maybe not at all), biomechanists should be at the forefront of all design decisions at ASICS they are to the extent, that we outsource our research to about 6 diffrent universities, as well as using our own facility in Kobe Japan. the reason we do this which is quite unique, is that we want t eliminate any bias i our research and make sure we really do get an answer to our research question. 

We believe it is not the proprioception butrather the execution of the shoe (which coincidentally works off a very low platform). So mens reebok trainers the shoe cannot be marketed, and we must either abort what is a great idea, or push forward with the project which is what I intend to do. The only product that I am aware of, in the whole time I have been reebok pump involved with this company, that got stymied by the marketers was a shoe with an oblique last. Let me point out that the shoe went to market, and we persevered with it for 2 years. 

 Biomechanics and science should be forefront  build the best product for the runner based on sound science as you suggest that really IS what we do it is the only way it can work. "I do realize that products have to sell, but sometimes maybe taking a risk on a novel product is worth it reebok shoes because it's the right thing to do" Pete a part of my job is to try to identify injury trends in the community, and then see if I can design a research project to understand why that is happening. Sometimes it results in shoe technology that helps, sometime is has nothing to do with shoes. 

We set aside a budget of several million dollars, and went to the Univerity of Melbourne to meet with Professor Kim Bennell (a woman), the head of the Centre for Health, Exercise and Sports Medicine. There, we mapped out a research project that was to take 4 years, and headed up by the  extraordinary mind of Dr. Adam Bryant, a biomechanist at CHESM. I will not bore you with the details, but the research yielded 3 papers, all published, and if you are interested, I will send them to you. 

So women (who are not on the pill" have a window of opportunity for injury at about day1 and again at day 14. Bigo if we know this we reebok cross trainers can do something to protect this. The research has now won several international awards, and had the rare distinction of attracting editorail comment from the Journal of Applied Physiology, calling it one of the most important studies i nto gender reseach i a decade ASICS research mate that has nothing to really do with footwear. Dowe deserve credit? Your call. What I can tell you is that armed with what we now knew, we did introduce new design elements into the Kayano 16 for women, which, based on [Image: reebok%20cross%20trainers-811ydr.jpg] the science, we believed would help the female runner. 

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