Brandweer redt groene leguaan uit brandend huis in Oost Oregon
PENDLETON, Ore. (AP) — Fire crews slipped an oxygen mask over the face of a 20-pound iguana after rescuing the creature from a house fire in Oregon.
Pendleton Fire Department Assistant Chief Shawn Penninger tells the East Oregonian ( that only an adult human and the reptile were home at the time of the fire on Friday afternoon. The person was unharmed.

Penninger says crews removed the iguana from the heavily damaged home and gave it oxygen.
The fire department on Saturday said they didn't know the iguana's name.
Investigators say a preliminary investigation shows the cause of the fire to be improperly disposed smoking material.

An estimate of damages to the home — where a family of three lives — also wasn't available.

[Image: 920x920.jpg]

In this Friday, March 10, 2017 photo, Pendleton firefighter/paramedics Craig Murstig, left, and Marc Proctor give first-aid oxygen to an iguana rescued from a burning house on Southwest Goodwin Ave. in Pendleton, Ore. Although the home was damaged, the family - and their 20-pound iguana - were not hurt. (Kathy Aney/East Oregonian via AP)
Super actie! Moet er niet aan denken dat er brand uitbreekt.. dat word heel wat beesten sjouwen :S
zie nu pas dit bericht , brand lijkt me vreselijk, moet er niet aan denken Angry
Tessoro  en Bimbo (iguana iguana rhinolopha)
een hond, Philos (X border collie / friese stabij)
Zowiezo niet of je nu dieren hebt ofniet....hopelijk zijn een paar van onze beestjes beter beschermt in de betonnen kelder

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