A photo of my U. a. nigriventris
Here are a couple photos of a couple of my uromastyx. My name is Tom Greb and I am from the US. I have made friends with Evert over the last few years and he is a very good person. He invited me to post photos of some of my animals. Although I specialize mostly in Sauromalus I also love Uromastyx.

[Afbeelding: normal_dsc03985.jpg]
[Afbeelding: normal_dsc03843.jpg]
[Afbeelding: normal_dsc03857.jpg]
[Afbeelding: normal_mor_female2.jpg]
[Afbeelding: normal_mor-female1.jpg]

I hope this works. We will now see. LOL.

Kindest regards
Tom Greb
Welcome, the photo's are beatifull. Big Grin
Grtz Reinier.
0.0.2 iguana iguana
Welocme Tom Wink
Nice pictures of beautifull lizards Big Grin
2 kinderen, 1 hond, 4 katten, 2 konijnen, 2 cavia's, 6 sagrei anolissen, 3 langstaart hagedisjes en 2 leguanen Lizzy en Dino
welcome here, Tom,
what a beautifull animals :roll: Wink Wink
Tessoro  en Bimbo (iguana iguana rhinolopha)
een hond, Philos (X border collie / friese stabij)
Thank you for the compliments on the uros. I have some other pictures to post of Sauromalus, dipsosaurus etc. As soon as I have time I will. Evert said he will ty to get with the site person and make shutterfly work. Evert made it so I can post pictures but I would join your group as I see it is a good one with a good cause. You Dutch are very welcoming and dedicated people and I thank you for that. I really enjoy the site and look forward to talking with you. And also thankyou for writing in English to me.

Has anyone incubated geyri or acanthinurus eggs? I have 2 clutches or Moroccan eggs and one clutch of geyri eggs. I set them up like I do my Sauromalus eggs. Not very scientific but my success with chuckwalla hatching is almost 100%. All I do is soak fine grade vermiculite in warm water then squeeze as hard as I can all the excess water out and it is good to go. I did this with one clutch of acanthinurus eggs and they seem great over a month into incubation. I mixed the other clutch as suggested by Wilms as a verm to water ration of 4 to 1 by weight. The eggs started to indent only a week into incubation and more water had to be added. I took an old syringe and injected water in the bottom of the vermiculite as so it would not contact the eggs. They returned to good form again after about 2-3 days. I am incubating at 90 F or about 32 C. Any input on this?

Also I see now you have a forum for introductions. I am sorry I should have put mine there.

Those are reallly colourful animals you have.
They look beautiful and very healthy.
Do you have pictures of the terra also ?
We are addicted to photos, here on the forum :oops: Big Grin

I answered in my other post.


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